The Meadow Community is composed of an intergenerational diverse group of individuals and families living in West Norwich bordering Sharon & Hartford communities. We are committed to continuing the rich history and traditions of the Beaver Meadow School House and Union Chapel engaging community members to build connections to support community needs and strengthening social interaction.

About this Website

The purpose of the website is to allow community members to easily connect to their neighbors by sharing information and resources. If you see anything that needs updating or fixing, or have any ideas for how we could improve this site, please send and email to our Webmaster, Amanda Kievet.

Beaver Meadow Chapel

Union Chapel


1672 Beaver Meadow Road
Norwich, Vermont 05055

Contact Person

Doreen Guillette

  • President: Doreen Guillette
  • Vice President: Marjorie Downing Perry
  • Secretary: Donna Wheeler
  • Treasurer: Donna Wheeler
  • Assistant Secretary & Treasurer: Tammy Pratson
  • Board Member: Peter Stanzel

Beaver Meadow School

Beaver Meadow School House


246 Chapel Hill Road
Norwich, Vermont 05055

Contact Person

Peter Stanzel

  • President: Peter Stanzal
  • Vice President: Elizabeth McKinstry
  • Secretary: Sonia Swierczynski
  • Treasurer: Lindsay Putnam
  • Jonathan Streeter
  • Minnie Slater
  • Doreen Guillette
  • Peter Guillette
  • Cheryl Herrmann
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